Our Retail Mortgage Financing portfolio includes the following products:

MSME Loans within Retail Mortgages product comprises two type of secured loan segments, Loans to Education Institutions (EIL) & Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME LAP).

The focus of EIL segment is to provide financial assistance to education institutions such as pre-schools, schools, colleges, universities, professional and technical training for their every need - construction, renovation, acquisition of infrastructural facilities, purchase of land for expansion of facilities, equipment purchase, working capital, or for any other requirement which may enable enhanced education delivery.

The focus of MSME LAP segment is to provide financial assistance to small business enterprises primarily upto an annual turnover of Rs. 50 Cr for their business expansion needs. This proposition allows the client to avail the loans for a maximum tenure of up to 15 years.

“JM Financial Wholesale Lending Rate - JMFWLR” stands revised to 17.65% w.e.f May 3, 2023.”

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JM Financial Home Loans Limited represents our foray into the housing finance business. It provides home loans tailor-made for a customers every need. The goal is to help a customer acquire their dream home. JM Financial Home Loans endeavors to reach out to home buyers typically not served by banks and traditional housing finance companies. It provides the customers a transparent and quick home loan disbursement process, hassle-free and easy documentation process and top class customer service.

JM Financial Home Loans endeavours to be a trusted advisor for any and every query one might have about their property, loan and documentation to ensure a seamless experience designed for utmost convenience.