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Public Issue of NCD

At JM Financial Products Limited, we believe in building long lasting and transparent relationships with our investors and shareholders. We are committed to maintaining effective communication, sharing information and adopting best practices which further improve our relationships with them. This section provides shareholders, analysts with relevant information, enabling a transparent assessment of the Company's values. You can access below resources to know more about JM Financial Products Limited.


We, at JM Financial, believe in building long lasting and transparent relationship with our stakeholders including investors. We are committed in maintaining effective communication, sharing timely information and adopting good industry practices to strengthen our relationships with them.

With the said intention, we are providing details of unclaimed interest/redemption amount in respect of the Non-Convertible Debentures issued by the Company, from time to time.

In case, the name of the investor appears in the details of unclaimed interest/redemption amount, he/she/it can Click Here to know the process including the documents required to claim the unclaimed interest/redemption amount.

In case of any query, investor can write back to us at


With reference to the Finance Act, 2023 (the “Act”), tax will be deducted on the interest payable to the investors on non-convertible debentures with effect from April 1, 2023.

To claim exemption on deduction of TDS, investors can upload duly filled in Form 15H /15G along with a self-attested copy of his/her PAN Card at:

Investors can also contact the Company Team at 022-62241784/ for any queries/clarifications.

Please click on How to Fill up Form 15G/15H, to know the process of filling the said Form.