Real estate consulting - Dwello

We have ventured into technology-backed real estate consultancy service, ‘Dwello’ wherein assistance is provided to the buyers in various stages of their home purchase transactions. Built on the legacy and values of the group, Dwello will carry forward the same ethos and will be guided by the expertise, collective experience and trusted intelligence of the group. Dwello is the new way to find a home. What makes Dwello different from its peers is its unique scientific approach to empower the customers to make an informed, unbiased and accurate decision. In a world where facts are entangled with interpretations, Dwello provides personalised research reports and accurate recommendations by separating the wheat from the chaff. After sifting through the vast knowledge banks comprising real time market data and historical decisions of many home buyers and curated by industry experts, Dwello leads a home buyer from `I think’ to `I know’ proposition, at no extra cost.